Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11: Photo A Day Challenge - Where You Sleep

House Beautiful magazine has a monthly "Show us your bed" feature, which I love as all the beds are comprised of fun headboards and contain a mishmash of gorgeous linens, which somehow work together. Yeah, you won't really find that where I sleep.

Last winter I purchased all new bed linens, which I still sort of like, but overall, our bedroom is in need of a major makeover. While our furniture is okay (it's mostly James' from his bachelor days) I'm not a huge fan of an entire matching set, and would love a new, softer-looking fabric-covered headboard and prettier lamps.

And don't get me started on the paint color of our room. Don't get either of us started on the paint color of our room. Upon moving into our home, I was so overwhelmed with paint color options that we hired a friend of a friend who claimed to be an interior designer to help us pick out colors. Somehow we agreed to this icky gold color. We've been too lazy to repaint, but eventually will lighten it up with something much softer and more neutral.

But enough complaining. After a few days away, there's still nothing better than coming home and settling down for a night's sleep in our own comfy bed.

(P.S. I should note that James made the bed this morning. [Though I neatened it up a bit.] He has become very well trained in regard to this daily task, which is something I don't take for granted. I'm a lucky girl.)

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  1. He did a very good job! p.s. That headboard would look great in the guest room at the beach!