Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 2012 Photo-A-Day Challenge

As I'm being so lax about 2012 resolutions, I thought I'd give myself at least one solid goal for the near future - a photo-a-day challenge. AND, maybe it will keep this blog interesting.

Of course I'm already behind. And I was about to download a sort of new picture of me for day #1 and realized that I am currently without my camera cord.

As for day #2, breakfast, see my last post, and you'll see some herb-baked eggs I recently made.

Day #3: Something I adore. (Like there was any question.)

Day #4: Letterbox.

(What the heck is "letterbox"? After looking it up on wikipedia, my only takeaway is that it is a photo with a black box around it. We'll use an Instagram shot and call it a day.)

I'm probably breaking the rules (yet again) by posting an old photo, but whatever. I find myself missing the beach and everything that is summer lately, so posting this makes me happy. It's a photo of beach roses I took while very pregnant earlier this past summer, and on a walk with my family in Westerly, Rhode Island. What I wouldn't give to smell a legit beach rose right now....

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