Monday, January 23, 2012

Prepping for Palm Trees

Later this week, we're taking a mini vaca to sunny Florida. We finally get to meet Sammy's newest cousin and my weather app predicts temps in the 70s, so I am quite excited. (Or will be as soon as I get over my anxiety of taking Sammy on his first flight.)

In preparation for the warmer weather, I've had to do a little shopping, as Sammy's current wardrobe consists of all winter items. And somehow, a few items for moi fell into our shopping bags!

I am absolutely addicted to all things nautical, striped, and red and navy. Quite embarrassingly, I haven't read a fashion-related magazine or blog in ages and thus was surprised to see that one of this Spring's trends (at least according to the mecca of fashion [insert sarcastic font], Old Navy) is right up my alley.

I bought variations of the shirt below - some red, some blue, some henley-ish, some ruffled henley-ish, etc. Yes, I have become a walking stay-at-home-mom cliche - if it's not comfortable, can't disguise ounce upon ounce of spit up, and needs to be ironed - it's probably not (slash no longer) for me. (At least not for now.) Sigh.

I also initially picked up these shoes, which I loved...

... only to get home and realize that I purchased the wrong size. (When one shops with a six month old, one abandons shopping habits like actually trying on potential purchases and reading tags for sizes.) Did I mention how these cute little flats are only $20? Pathetically enough, I almost made due with the wrong size. Especially as once I returned them to the store, they no longer had my actual size. No bother though, as I picked these up instead, and think them to be just as adorable....

I didn't actually see the shoes below at the store, but instead found them when looking for the above photos online. I saw a similar version in a Talbots catalog recently (Talbots - I know...), and though I'd obviously prefer the original Chanel version of which I believe these shoes to be modeled after, I actually find the Old Navy ones to be super cute. This is such a lady-like shoe to me.

(Side note: The other day I received a Talbots catalog in the mail, and literally got to page 83 before realizing that it was not a J.Crew catalog. Well done, Talbots marketing folks.)

And less I be the only one sporting nautical-themed gear this weekend / Spring, I am dragging my poor son down with me as well. His pudgy little body will look very cute adorned with crabs, whales and sailor stripes.

Why wear one nautical embellishment when you can wear two? (In this case, whales and stripes.)

And just because dressing like we're off to sea isn't enough - sometimes we read about the beach (in Italian, no less) as well.

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