Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Master Bedroom Planning via Pinterest

The paint job in our master bedroom has made a world of difference. We James still needs to repaint our trim, but then we'll be ready for a mini makeover. If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably seen that almost ever pin lately is related to this potential decor do-over!

I'm keeping our existing bedding for the time being. I still like it well enough, and it's too new to replace. Plus, it worked out better with our new wall color than I expected!

Besides the fact that I hate having a lamp take up space on my nightstand, this picture totally inspires me to switch to wall lighting. I actually love everything about this picture - the nightstand, the bedding, the bookshelves....

A set of these lamps would be perfect. Still unsure as to whether we'll do a brushed nickel finish or something else.

I love this soft-colored velvet tufted headboard. If I ever get around to finishing my existing and forthcoming sewing projects, I may attempt to make our own headboard using this tutorial. (Though I fear that would amount to some major time at the craft store - ugh.)

Something on our bed will eventually be monogrammed - whether it be pillowcases or an actual pillow.

The simplicity of this nightstand is appealing to me. Maybe it's just the styling of the picture though. I love the placement of the framed pictures above it. And a nightstand that includes some sort of storage is a non-negotiable.

What will be on my nightstand? (Other than my fabulous new silver tray?) A luxurious candle, of course.

And some beautiful flowers. (Though in all likelihood, mine will be of the Stop and Shop sale variety.)

I can't decide if the placement of the artwork next to the lights and above the bed is too much, but I think I like it. I also love the long pillow. And the carpeting almost makes me rethink our hardwood floors. Almost.

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I actually just ordered four different faux-vintage sea prints (including the one above) to frame and place around / above our bed.

We have pretty unique windows throughout our house making traditional window treatments not really an option. My mom has the ones above, and so long as they fit our windows, I think they'd work perfectly. (Thanks, Mom!)

Our bedroom is somewhat expansive, and includes a stone wall, a fireplace and french doors to our patio, so I'm barely scratching the surface with the above plans. I still have a sitting area and writing desk area to think about! Stay tuned...!

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  1. I vote for the brushed nickel and I love the prints!