Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter Weekend for the Record Books

This Easter weekend was one of my best yet. Besides it being Sammy's first Easter, it marked the first holiday that James and I hosted. Weather-wise, the weekend was absolutely gorgeous. I took full advantage of the sun and comfortable temps as I started the weekend off with a long run, and ended it with a long bike ride. The trees in our town are all in bloom and it was so nice to run / bike amongst fresh green grass.

On top of that, Saturday, Sammy had his first Water Babies class. I'm thrilled that he is showing signs of not sharing the same fear of the water as his mom. Though he wasn't his usual self due to the arrival of his two top teeth, he didn't cry once, splashed around the entire time, and I heard plenty of his high-pitched happy little screams.

After Water Babies, James and I spent the remainder of our Saturday in full-on prep mode for Sunday. (Though I may have managed to sneak in a quick wine tasting at my favorite wine shop and a pedicure with my sister.) We capped off the day with some pizza and a viewing of Paranormal Activity 3

(Side note: I did not sleep well for three months after Paranormal Activity 1. I actually cried while viewing Paranormal Activity 2 as it was so ridiculously scary. Paranormal 3 - eh, not as good [or scary] as the first two. It helped to watch it at home and I had no problem sleeping after whatsoever.)

Due to our impending brunch, we attended the early 8 a.m. Easter mass. Sammy was actually relatively calm throughout the entire mass (though as apparently by the below picture, this didn't last much longer), and the priest that married us and baptized Sammy resided over the mass, which is always a treat.

 The remainder of this post is basically one big photo dump. Apologies in advance.

A few pics of the decor.... I went with a lavender and white color scheme. The egg cups are filled with mini chocolate rabbits from my favorite chocolate maker.

My best Martha impersonation.

There's just something about white tulips that I love so much.

We forgot to take any pictures of the main brunch, but did snag a pic of one of the apps, as well as our dessert. My sous chef, James, would be upset if I didn't give him credit for single-handedly assembling the pumpernickel and cucumber canapés. (Recipe from Martha's Entertaining.)

Dessert, courtesy of pastry student extraordinaire, Auntie Kate. A New York-style cheesecake, topped with blackberries and served alongside a blueberry coulis, and cupcakes filled with lemon curd and topped with coconut frosting. (Hope I got that right!)

In addition to the aforementioned app and dessert, we also had prosciutto-wrapped melon and mint, leek, asparagus and gruyere quiche, a bourbon and brown sugar-glazed ham, scalloped tomatoes, a crispy potato roast (not worth sharing the link - another bland Martha recipe), fruit salad, homemade rolls and blueberry coffee cake. Along with numerous Lillet champagne cocktails, bloody marys, wine, etc. It was quite the celebration!

And for the people shots....

My sisters thought it would be funny to place this felt basket on top of my son's head.

Sammy and his auntie Em....

Auntie Em was determined to get a good shot of herself with Sammy, and thus many trial pics were taken.

Auntie Kate and her nephew!

Queenie, Grampy and Sammy....

Auntie Em, enjoying her Lillet champagne cocktail (which was insanely delicious).

Em's roommate, Christina (and one of my new running partners!), and Sammy.

The whole crew, with apologies to James, who I cut off by mistake. (Which is a total shame, as he went to great lengths to wear an outfit that matched my table color scheme!)


  1. a great time was had by all---thanks for a wonderful day!

  2. loved it all!! What a wonderful 1st Easter for my babecakes!! Also love my 1st real "auntie" picture with him xoxo

  3. Looks like you had a great time!!! Beautiful picture!