Monday, April 16, 2012

An Unexpectedly Fabulous Weekend

I always thought that once I became a stay-at-home mom, the weekends wouldn't be such a big deal anymore. Well I was wrong! It's so nice to have quality time with James when I'm not in the exhausted state of mind that I'm usually in during the (work) week, and it's especially nice to have an extra set of hands to help out with Sammy.

My big nine-month-old (as of today!) is pretty easy to adapt, so while we're not having as many late, crazy nights as in years past, we're definitely not limited to our home. And this past gorgeous weekend was certainly no exception....

(Not an actual photo of my dinner, but rather a prettified version from Pinterest.)

Friday night we enjoyed a great meal at my favorite thai restaurant with my sister and a couple friends. (No picture, but this is what I ate - massaman curry. It's my absolute favorite thai dish.) Sammy fell asleep halfway through our meal.

Saturday began with a 15 mile run by yours truly. (Rather, 14.75. I'm calling it 15.) I jumped in on one of my running partner's 20-miler and only meant to run 12 or 13. Imagine my surprise when my runmeter app read 14+ when I was done! That's the longest I've run in a long time. I felt okay, but not as good as last weekend's long run. The heat was a bit of a factor, but primarily it was the hills that hurt.

Auntie Em came to watch the fun!
My run wasn't the only athletic endeavor of the day though. Sammy did a great job in his second Water Babies class!

We had some family in the area for the day, so got to spend a few hours visiting with them before a leisurely dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant with some friends and their two kids. (Leisurely is a big deal when a six-month-old, nine-month-old and two-year-old are involved!)

Sunday we all went to a park in our town that is known for its rose gardens. Roses obviously aren't in season yet, but the tulip gardens were in full bloom!

(This may be the first time since his one month photo shoot that I was actually photographed more than once with Sammy.)

As the day was absolutely gorgeous, we went to our third restaurant of the weekend and lunched outside. As soon as we got home, Sammy went down for a lengthy nap, and some friends stopped by with a bottle of wine! I think every sunny Sunday should be enjoyed luxuriating on the patio with wine - don't you?

And finally, we capped off the weekend with some grilling (and more cocktails) at a friend's house. Though the bare trees don't do the area much justice, the view from our friend's patio is fantastic. In the summer we watch all the daredevil teenagers jump off that bridge into the river below. (Something that Sammy will never be allowed to do!)

These are the type of weekends I want to remember....

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  1. Your weekend sounds like a busy one and your kid looks ADORABLE!