Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Thoughts on Motherhood and a Mother's Day Recap

In honor of my first Mother's Day yesterday, I thought I'd jot down a few (dozen) thoughts on motherhood that have circulated throughout my head over the past ten months. Please take all of these with a pound grain of salt. I'm still ridiculously new to this game and barely think I deserve to share the same day - never mind the same title - with those who have many more years experience than I do. 

In no particular order....
  • Nothing - absolutely nothing - can prepare you for what it's really like to care for a child.
  • It is totally and completely possible to experience happiness and fulfillment with your husband if you're childless. But adding a baby adds a whole new element of both, which you could have never imagined previously.
  • There is nothing better in the world than hearing your child's laugh.
  • It's okay to believe that your baby is the cutest and best in the world.
  • It's also okay to wonder why strangers who do not compliment your baby hate life.
  • Being a germaphobe becomes a thing of the past. Yes, licking a shopping cart may still be considered gross and frowned upon, but at least it's building up your kid's immune system... right?
  • Post-child, your ability to identify digested food improves ten-fold.
  • Cute baby outfits tend to fall by the wayside once you realize that your child has become a squiggly, wiggly baby tiger.
  • Upon entering the parenting world, you realize that there are all sorts of parenting styles. It's not easy to meet a mom who exhibits a similar style to your own.
  • There is no limit on the number of times one can sing the alphabet so long as it keeps a baby from crying.
  • Motherhood makes you stronger - both emotionally and physically.
  • It is totally possible to shower every day when you're a new mother. (I'll likely need to revisit this statement if we're ever blessed with child #2.)
  • But it's also important to realize when a shower or household chores can wait.
  • You can have all the toys in the world, and your child's favorite play thing will still be 1) you, 2) your spouse, 3) socks, and / or 4) furniture.
  • Nothing melts your heart more than when your child lays his head against your chest or puts his arms around you.
  • Entertaining a child for hours on end is utterly exhausting. It's okay to look forward to nap time.
  • Motherhood makes you more compassionate. But also sometimes more judgmental.
  • Prior to having a child, you likely said, "I will never do x, y and z." And soon after having a child, you likely did all three.
  • Your mother will become a million times better source for parenting than any guide book.
  • It's okay to need time to yourself. Just be prepared to take it in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Happy hours and multiple late nights out pretty much become a thing of the past. But it's actually kind of nice to not wake up every weekend with a hangover.
  • The belly you developed in college and carried throughout your twenties due to too many beers and Taco Bell runs is all of a sudden a bit endearing, knowing that you once carried your baby in it for nine plus months. Even better,  you now have a legitimate reason for it.
  • Having a child tests your relationship with your spouse like nothing else. But ultimately, it also makes it stronger than anything else ever could.
  • You will never smile so much and laugh so often as when you have a child.
  • You will be utterly exhausted by the end of each and every day. 
  • You will be forced to become a morning person. But as morning is usually the happiest time of day for a child, it's not so bad.
  • Every mother would like to think she's an expert in raising children. And yet no mother is.
  • Being a mother is the best, hardest, and most fulfilling job in the world.
  • Every baby is different and every family is different. The biggest lessons I've learned are to use common sense, and to do what works for my family.
What am I missing? I could probably go on and on, but at this point am trying to finish this entry up so I can get back to the ever so important cleaning of my kitchen while Sammy naps. And again, these are all just my opinions. I've only been a mother for 10 months and still know next to nothing.

With that said, I had a fabulous first Mother's Day weekend, once the four-and-a-half hour CPR class that James and I took on Friday night ended. (That's not a typo - four-and-a-half hours. And about the only thing that really stuck with me is that I should cut Sammy's food up into smaller pieces so that this poor child will never have to rely on me to administer the heimlich maneuver as I was too bored to pay attention during our class.)

My running outfit on this particular day was perhaps better suited for Ron-a-Roll, circa 1985.

Saturday morning I went for an almost 17 mile run with a couple of my running partners. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, which ended with me voiding all my burnt off calories via margaritas and grilled burgers and dogs on our patio. 

On Mother's Day, I was thoroughly spoiled by James and Sammy - the very least of my gifts being a pass on all diaper changes for the day. We hosted a smallish brunch for my mom and sister, but feasted large. I only had one contribution - pecan sticky buns, a Baking with Julia project that I'll blog about tomorrow. My mom made a homemade version of my childhood favorite - sausage and cheese biscuits, my sister made a fruit salad and spring asparagus pancetta hash (which was delicious!), and even James contributed, with Ina's roasted vegetable frittata (equally delish). 

A few other pics from our day....

Hope everyone had an equally fantastic day!


  1. beautifully, mom.

  2. Awww... I'm definitely going to bookmark this for someday :) love!! Ps dying over the Ron-a-roll mention...can't even think of the last time I thought about that place!

  3. another goodie.....thanks for the shoutout, we tried to not have you do much of anything!!!

  4. This is perfect! Glad you had such a lovely first Mother's Day.