Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago, on October 2, 2010, I was married. Unlike the dreary cold and rainy day that makes up today, that day could not have been more gorgeous. It had poured like crazy the entire day beforehand and through our rehearsal dinner, but on our wedding day, I woke up to bright blue skies, comfortable temperatures, and a slight scattering of colored leaves. 

James rarely travels for work anymore, but of course this week he is away. And thus our celebration will take place next week as we make an overnight getaway to Vermont. I absolutely can not wait. But in the meantime, let's take a walk down memory lane - there should be some sort of celebration on this day!

(All photos courtesy of the ridiculously talented Eileen Broderick.)

Never did I think I'd be celebrating my wedding day without a mimosa in hand, but thanks to the prior evening's post-rehearsal festivities, we were all in need of a cup (or two) of coffee instead.

Upon our arrival to the hotel where we got ready, one of James' groomsmen delivered gifts to my mom, sisters and myself. Here they are reading their cards from James.

All the Ellingwood girls, hard at work.

I'm sure I was trying to suck in my stomach at this particular moment. This photo makes me laugh though, as just a few months later, upon becoming pregnant with Sammy, I would regret taking my non-bulging belly for granted!

My dad, upon seeing me dressed.

My gorgeous gown and the hem details. I had always pictured myself with some sort of lace on the dress, and this swiss dot overlay was my favorite part.

I absolutely loved my flowers, as well as the bridesmaid bouquets. Not only were they beyond what I had hoped for, but they smelled magnificent.

Shot of my cute ring pillow, which, after the wedding, was promptly donated to one of the ring bearers. I'm still unsure as to what a little boy wants with a ring pillow, but to each his own!

Speaking of the ring bearers, this is our second oldest nephew. How cute is he?

My soon-to-be husband, looking quite dapper, prior to our arrival at the church.

I love this picture of my dad and me. Do you see how sunny it was that day?

I look super nervous in this picture, but I don't remember feeling that way! I somehow managed not to cry while walking down the aisle. (Though just wait!) As evident by our wedding video, James was not so lucky.

During our vows, I broke down in an embarrassing way. The priest finally grabbed a huge linen napkin and handed it to me.

Again, how sweet are our nephews?

I'm not much for pictures of myself kissing, but I love my sisters' expressions in the background.

In between the ceremony and reception, we took photos at a local farm / park. The sun was setting and the lighting could not have been more perfect.

I have a ton of fun pictures on file from the reception, but here's a few of my favorite.

Shot of the centerpieces, which I loved. Unfortunately you can't see the menu cards I slaved over - not so secretly - while at work.

Champagne toast in the bridal suite prior to being announced.

I can't not include a picture of my adorable nieces / flower girls.

The Mr. and Mrs.!

Our first dance, done to Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You." The band covered it beautifully.

A moment during the best man's speech. I'll keep what our looks were saying to myself.

Shot of our cake. Eh - it was okay.

This is a typical "Jen" eye roll. Oh, Dad.

Cute shot of my mom and sisters during the dance with my dad.

As a surprise to James, who has already brainwashed our toddler into applying to no other college than Villanova, I had a chocolate groom's cake secretly delivered to the reception. The entire crew behind us went to Villanova (I'm the odd duck of the group - go Huskies...?), and one of James' friends thoughtfully brought along the 'Nova flag. This cake was a million times better than our actual wedding cake, and the best part was that James was truly surprised.

Though I should probably end my wedding recap with a photo of James and me, the photo above was one of the last of the night and is one of my favorites. My sisters (and my parents and my friends!) put so much effort and enthusiasm into my entire wedding planning process, and next to James, they made this one of the most special days of my life.


  1. sigh..so much fun to look back on..it was the most beautiful wedding ever.

  2. Such a great day! Can't believe it was already TWO years ago!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this peek into your wedding day! And happy two years!