Monday, November 19, 2012

Bumpdate: 16 Weeks

You chew on that plastic remote control, Son, while Mommy takes narcissistic pictures of herself.

Size of baby: My What to Expect app tells me that this week, baby #2 is the size of a turnip (rather appropriate for Thanksgiving week!), and measures approximately 5 in (the size of an open hand?) and weighs 5 oz.

(Mind you, my BabyCenter app has us back at avocado status, and it just occurred to me that the WTE app is telling me everything that is happening at week 17. Alas, I like to look ahead, so let's go with what happens when baby is the size of a turnip.)

This week Baby is getting used to loud noises (e.g. Sammy's high-pitched shrieks), Baby's eyes are finished migrating to the front of the head (ew...), and Baby is working on his / her sucking and swallowing skills. Within the next week, Baby gets his / her own set of fingerprints.

Total weight gained / lost: I've put scale batteries on my grocery list. I can guarantee I haven't lost any weight.

Maternity clothes: After writing my 15 week bumpdate, I tried on a pair of regular-sized jeans, just for kicks. Lo and behold, they actually fit! Granted, this particular pair were always a bit roomy, and they definitely felt less so when I put them on. Regardless, they still went back in my drawer and instead I pulled on my favorite pair of maternity jeans. Whatevs. I am taking full advantage of not having to stuff myself into uncomfortable formal clothing this time around.

Sleep: Same as in previous weeks / months. Saturday night, after a particularly grueling morning run and multiple wake-up calls throughout the previous night (like, legit wake-up calls - some man called my phone multiple times after midnight as apparently he thought I was an oil service provider), I'm embarrassed to admit that my couch / bedtime occurred before the clock even hit 8 p.m.

Best moment of the week: I had a few really good moments throughout my week but one was an impromptu visit on Saturday from Sammy's future BFF, Clark, and his parents. This little guy is almost three months old, and I enjoyed getting to hold him for a bit! I seriously can not believe that we are going to have another one of these in the near future....

Movement: Still no movement, but I know it's coming!

Food cravings: Thai food, which my fantastic friend Sara delivered on Friday night! (Alongside a viewing of Magic Mike. Not too shabby an evening!) I'm also craving healthy food at this point. After a couple weeks of comfort dishes from the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook (which I hope to blog about soon), I'm finally ready for vegetables and healthy grains. (Just in time for Thanksgiving, but of course.)

Food aversions: Leftovers of almost any kind. Though this isn't too out of the ordinary.

Gender: Still thinking boy. And we're two weeks away from finding out!

What is different this time around: You might notice that I've edited my questions this week, as I don't really care to talk about the ins and outs of my belly button, and I thought this might be a good question to add. Anyway, it goes without saying that this time around, I'm too busy focusing on a certain toddler to think about having a new baby every second of the day. Which I'm okay with, as it certainly is making this pregnancy go fast!

Yesterday I was talking to one of James' friends who recently found out that he and his wife are expecting (their first), and he was telling me how his wife was really stressing over not loving her doctor. I tried to explain that at our hospital (they'll deliver at the same one we will), you see the doctor for all of five minutes, and it most likely won't be your regular doctor on call anyway. Quite honestly, I can't even remember the doctor's name that delivered Sammy! (Though I do remember our awesome nurse, who was by our side every minute near the end.) He reminded me that it's their first time, so everything seems more important than it really is. I do not miss letting all those things get to me, as I know they did that first time around!

What I miss: This week James was out and about for the better part of the week, thus causing me to have a mini pity party. I miss being fun and I miss having fun. I can guarantee that only one person - who is under the age of 2, mind you - thinks I am fun right now, and even he might question that thought process from time to time. A fun girl does not pass out on the couch at 8 9 p.m. every night. I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is only temporary, but still. Sigh.

What I'm looking forward to: Still very much looking forward to finding out whether Baby is a boy or girl. Also, I know I said last week that I didn't miss alcohol, but now I sort of do. Blame it on the forthcoming holiday season, blame it on my aforementioned pity party. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy a few cocktails - in approximately 23 weeks.

Weekly workout: Another new category, by documenting my weekly workout, I feel like I'll be kept in check regarding fitting in some exercise. Also, please make note of my awesome new tee shirt I'm sporting in the photo above, purchased through one of my favorite running blogs. The author of this blog ran through not just one but three pregnancies, and regularly runs with a triple stroller. (Um, to which, at the moment I say, no way in hell.)

  • Sunday: Swam 1000 yards (I shouldn't be counting this particular day as technically it wasn't this past week, but I am)
  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: Swam 900 yards
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: Ran 3 miles
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Ran 5.5 miles
  • Sunday: Biked 30 minutes

I took more rest this week than I wanted, primarily as James was away for a couple days and I was trying to avoid putting Sammy through pool babysitter trauma for at least one week. But also, up to this week, I have been swimming every other day for a few weeks now, and it finally was starting to get to me. Both swims this week felt very sluggish. I had a fantastic run with running friend Sara on Saturday, though I am clearly falling out of running shape as my legs were rather sore the remainder of the day. Add to "what I miss" - being in shape.


  1. Love reading these. I can relate to all of it. We find out next week. I'm so excited too!

  2. if it makes you feel better, you're still getting in WAY more exercise than I am -- and I've got no excuse (well, pastry school I suppose...) :) why don't you call me back one of these days before your bedtime?