Monday, December 10, 2012

Bumpdate: Week 19

I was hoping to minimize the ginormous size of my stomach by taking a dark photo in dark clothes next to distracting Christmas tree lights. Did it work? Also, it doesn't help that the top I'm wearing never really fit to begin with.

We're ready to move on from sweet potato status, finally! This week (we're so close to the halfway point!), Baby is the size of a mango. She (yes, she!) should weigh about 10 ounces and has a height of six and a half inches. As for me, my hair should apparently be exponentially healthier and longer at this point. Ironic, as I keep waiting for that point where it stops falling out (which did happen when I was pregnant with Sammy), but it's yet to happen. I do, however, have a much needed haircut on my agenda for the week.

Total weight gained: 10 (or so) pounds. Normally, I don't pay much attention to how much I weigh, and my doctor says my weight gain is perfectly fine, but this week, I just feel huge. I've been whining about it to everyone and anyone, and especially within my own head, to the point where I'm tired of talking about it. So we'll just leave it at that. It's going to be a long second half of the pregnancy if this continues to be my mindset.

Belly: Refer to above paragraph. I am huge. I look huge. Woe is me. Also, it's now impossible for me to lean over and not groan a little. How is this happening already?

Maternity clothes: Reviving this category for a hot second as I actually went maternity clothes shopping this week in an attempt to find a nice top that would work for a few holiday-related events we have this month. It's unfortunate that I'm not into large flowy hippie-ish tops, or sparkly polyester flammable sweaters, as I would have hit the jackpot. Instead, I felt rather lucky to come upon a black and cream-colored patterned regular (read: non-maternity) halter-like top from Banana Republic, which I thought would make my stomach look somewhat cute, and work perfect under a cardigan. I was actually rather excited to get dressed for a holiday party this past weekend, as it's been forever since I've had something new and fun to wear.

And then I glanced in the mirror. And the term "Pregnant Long Island Lolita" immediately came to mind.

Apologies to all those who see me in church on Christmas Eve, or are out with me on New Year's Eve. Enjoy your sparkly fun and festive holiday outfits. I'll be the one in yoga pants and the neon athletic zip-up top from Target. As I'm never wearing normal clothes again.

Sleep: Okay, enough complaining. Let's move on to the more positive aspects of this pregnancy! (as there are many) This week, Sammy was back to his regular routine of 7 to 7, and thus I wasn't forced to rise at 5 a.m. to enjoy my single cup of coffee in solitude. (With the exception of one day, when I needed to get in an extra workout, and another day, which we attributed to a couple new teeth.) As a matter of fact, I actually stayed in bed until nearly 7:30 one morning! That hasn't happened in a very long time. I'm still exhausted by the end of each day, but that's clearly not going away anytime soon. Like until Sammy is 18.

(ETA: I began this draft on Sunday, only to have a horrible sleep that night. But again, it wasn't due to pregnancy - it was due to Sammy coming down with a fever. Let's just leave this at the following - I sleep great from 9 p.m. to about 2 a.m. every night. After that, it's a crapshoot.)

Best moment of the week: Like there's any question! Even a week later, it's still totally surreal to me that we're going to be adding a girl to the family! I have so, so many thoughts spiraling around my head about raising a girl, so expect a number of related blog posts in the next few months.

Another good thing to come out of our healthy ultrasound is that it sort of resurrected my enthusiasm toward being a stay at home mom. I'm almost hesitant to share this, as I don't want it to be appear that I'm anything but totally grateful to be able to be home, but there are definitely times when things get a bit ... well, repetitive. And stale. Just as they do with any full-time job. (Only with this particular occupation, I don't get any days off!)

A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling a little burnt out when it came to our daily routine. I was tired of playing the same old toys with Sammy every day, I was tired of reading the same old books to him, and I was tired of following the same old day-to-day schedule. After our ultrasound, it really hit me that my time home with just Sammy is limited, and I could definitely feel my attitude change. Though we didn't do much different this week, somehow our week together seemed to be a bit more enjoyable than usual.

Movement: I still haven't felt any specific kicks or jabs, but I am definitely feeling shifting. Baby Girl appears to be all bunched up on the right side of my body, which is an interesting feeling.

Food cravings / aversions: I'm starting to think that this little girl is going to be a chip off the ol' block as I am definitely craving candy these days. Thank you, Target and Frosty Nerds for fulfilling this need for sugary goodness. (Family: Please make note of the handy suggestion in the upper right hand corner of the above box - "Great stocking stuffer." Hint, hint.)

Gender: Sugar (it all makes sense now!), spice and everything nice!

Weird symptoms: The lack of circulation in my hands is still going strong. Apparently I'm supposed to start feeling leg numbness as well, though that's yet to happen.

What is different this time around: Clearly, I'm much bigger much quicker this time around. Also, I just purchased my first size large sports bra. TMI, I know. But let me tell you - never - never have I needed to buy a size large in that department.

What I miss: Looking presentable. (Are you sick of hearing this yet? I'll stop whining next week, I promise.) Being able to laugh / cough / run / do anything without having ... er ... bladder issues. Ah, pregnancy - it's so FUN.

What I'm looking forward to: As James and I were decorating our Christmas tree yesterday, I just kept thinking, I can't believe that at this time next year, we are going to be a family of four. That's what I'm looking forward to right now. And enjoying one last Christmas as a family of three.


  1. FYI, Target also sells a Nerds "candy book" similar to the LifeSavers candybook. I bought two of them last night. Each one contains four boxes - so I have eight (ok, now seven) boxes of Nerds. Bill may or may not be just as obsessed as I am now.

    1. NOTED. I knew I forgot laundry detergent on my last Target run for a reason....

  2. Thomas loves nerds. He can no longer eats them because they fall out of the gap where his front teeth are missing!!