Monday, December 3, 2012

Working Out While Pregnant: Week 18

Some light reading I acquired this week

This was previously it's own little section on my weekly bumpdate entries, but considering I feel the need to babble on and on about my activity levels (at least for the time being), I thought it deserved it's own entry. Feel free to mark as read if you could care less about topics like my expanding pelvic floor.

I had another decent workout week! Minus the fact that I gave up - not even an entire week after committing - on the Runner's World Run Streak. On Tuesday it snowed, and thus it wasn't safe to push Sammy in the stroller - or for this pregnant girl to risk slipping and falling outside. I could have easily jumped on the treadmill at the pool that night, but I had no desire to change between running clothes and swimwear. My motivation only goes so far these days. Also, I hate the treadmill.

On Thursday, I had a decent run with running friend Sara, though spent the rest of the day feeling like my pelvic floor was expanding. (Imagine James' face when I told him that.) If you're wondering what that feels like, just picture a lot of pressure on the lower part of your body. I have no idea if said pelvic floor was even expanding - but that seemed like the best way to explain it. Also, in general, my legs just felt super sluggish near the end of the run. It was cold, and we had started out relatively speedy, so I assume that is the reason.

That evening, I attended an event put on by Team Training New England, a local triathlon group that Sara helps coach. One of the group founders told me how she completed a sprint triathlon eight weeks after giving birth to her second child! Granted, it wasn't her best effort, but it was done. This gave me some hope in regard to completing one sixteen weeks after baby #2 is due! It was a fun night as I was surrounded by people that actually liked to talk about running, and I left with a new fuel belt, which I won in a raffle!

As far as swimming went this week, I continue to loosely follow this plan (I was on week three this past week), but repeated last week's 1200 yard workout to swim 1200 yards during each of my two swims this week. I felt tired - but great - after my Tuesday swim. Friday, I struggled all morning with the thought of going to the pool and dropping Sammy off at the pool babysitter, but eventually felt too guilty to put him through that trauma, and moved my workout to the evening, when James got home from work. Potentially as a result, I was absolutely exhausted after Friday night's swim. (Ah, to think back to Friday night's of my 20s - when I was certainly not spending my precious happy hour time swimming.) Also, I pulled some muscles in my thighs after that swim, which seems odd to me. I think I'm kicking too much or something. In the new year, I'm going to sign up for another private lesson to work out some technique issues I'm having.

Regardless, this coming week I'm hoping to increase my swimming yardage to 1500 (eek) and add on 15 minutes to my bike time at least once. Ideally, I'd love to start swimming and riding the trainer three times a week - it's just a matter of finding the time. And making sure my body is not too sore.

Finally, I'm thinking about throwing some of my strength-training and pilates pregnancy workout videos back into the mix. My body is getting to the point where it craves stretching (and dare I say it - yoga). I suppose this makes sense as at week 18, the cantaloup that is my uterus (there's that awful word again - sorry!) apparently causes my center of gravity to shift, pushing my lower back forward and the abdomen out. Also, all these increased hormones are really starting to cause havoc on my muscles and ligaments.

With that said, here are this week's totals:
  • Monday: Ran 1 mile, biked 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: Swam 1200 yards
  • Wednesday: Ran 1 mile, biked 30 minutes
  • Thursday: Ran 5.5 miles
  • Friday: Swam 1200 yards
  • Saturday: Biked 30 minutes
  • Sunday: Rest day / watched James run 3 miles

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