Monday, May 20, 2013

How We Survived the Week - In Photos

Let me tell you - parenting two kids (even if one of them sleeps most of the time) is no joke. I've decided that going from no kids to one is more difficult mentally - but going from one to two is more difficult, well, physically. I won't sugarcoat it - I'm tired! I barely have time to eat! (Me, who never ever ever misses out on a meal!) (If only this would help get rid of these last 10 pesky pregnancy pounds.) I have yet to skip a shower (some things I simply won't give up), but there have been days when I jump out with only half a leg shaved. And while I do think I'm more relaxed and easy going this time around, there have definitely been a few tears shed, more than a little aggravation, and feelings of just wanting to give up. 

With all that said, getting through my first work week parenting two under the age of two primarily by myself (at least between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.) went a bit smoother than I anticipated, and we actually had a pretty fun week. (If only the nights were as easy!) While we stuck around the house a bit more than usual, we got out a bunch of times as well. We made it to play group, we ventured to Target, we visited our local animal farm / park, we took a lengthy walk to the playground, and we spent plenty of time out in our yard.

The bonus to having an infant and a toddler in the same shopping cart is that it's near
impossible to hit my usual $100 Target minimum.

Believe it or not, this photo was totally not staged.

Both boys are big into jumping these days.

I admit that the neat freak in me cringed throughout this entire activity.

Sammy continues to be obsessed with "mowing the lawn" (or driveway). 

Occasionally he takes a short break to tackle some other yard work to dos.

For now, Libby prefers to sit around and look pretty.

We survived a two+ mile walk to and from the playground - but just barely, as Libby cried the entire length of our street on the walk back.

The hauling out and filling of this water table was done while simultaneously wearing Libby. All I'll say is that it's a minor miracle that she is still with us today after this effort.

My handsome boy enjoying a "pop" on the front porch, while also continuing to prove that Wayfarers look good on everyone.

Libby's first time on the activity mat. How quickly the rainforest calypso theme song came back to me....

I won't lie. Come Friday evening, I was exhausted and rather cranky. But I actually got a decent night's sleep that night, woke up bright and early Saturday morning, had a cup of coffee, and tackled something I've missed a ridiculous amount the last five months....

I ran! Three whole miles! And I didn't stop once! Granted I took it rather slow, but I can't tell you how excited I was throughout the entire run. I've got a long way to go, but am so, so happy to be able to get back out there. And I also can't tell you how much being able to exercise (at least a little) has done for my sanity. If anything, I need running now more than ever. (Now to just find the time to do it....)

But while my little run may have been the highlight of my Saturday, a certain little boy was in absolute heaven as we took him to our town's touch-a-truck event.

And to end the weekend, we had some special visitors, as James' family made the trip up from New Jersey to meet the new girl of the family.

Cousin Patrick and Libby share the same birthday!
And now another Monday has come and (nearly) gone. While this particular day has been riddled with multiple blowouts (by both kids) and outfit changes (by all three of us), it's still been a great one. Everyone has been fed, baths were given, and I've actually had a few minutes to type this out while the kids sleep. These days, it's the little things....

Outfit #1 of 5. Though technically this was Libby's nightgown.

Outfit #2 of 5.

Outfit #4 of 5 for Libby. As for Sammy, at this point, I just gave up putting new clothes on him.


  1. Libby is so cute! (And so is Sammy, as always). Hang in there, multiple kids is a whole new world indeed.