Monday, February 13, 2012

Days 10-13: Photo a Day Challenge

Day 10: Self Portrait

So this is more a "Sammy portrait," but he's way cuter. (And clearly more excited to have his photo taken.)

Day 11: Makes You Happy

I've been on an organizing binge lately, and thus it was only appropriate that Martha's new special issue make it's way into my grocery cart. Also, please make note of the adorable stickies from Anthropologie for which I spent way too much money. Be still my heart....

Day 12: Inside Your Closet

I debated showing you my new all-wood-hangered bedroom closet (part of Operation Organization), but as I'm in the midst of a baking frenzy, I quickly snapped a pic of part of our kitchen pantry. See all that chocolate on the upper right side? Tomorrow, it's a goner.

Day 13: Blue

I'm sure that my neighbors won't appreciate their house making another appearance in my blog, but I'm too lazy to do any editing right now. The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue bright and early this morning, and just begged to be photographed.

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