Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days 7, 8 and 9: Photo a Day Challenge (And a Few Extras)

Do you know what happens when your baby begins to army crawl, and just wants to stand - all - day - long? You get tired. You want to go to sleep at the ridiculously early hour of 7 p.m. (But can't, because you have a 9 p.m. soccer game.) Also - you no longer care about posting multiple days worth of photos-of-the-day days later than you should. Eh hem.

Day 7: Button

File this away in the category of "photos for which your son will likely be very angry at you one day for posting on the internet. Or taking at all."

Get it? It's a belly button! Perhaps not the most flattering angle.

For balance, I'll post this super cute picture as well. The belly button is still pictured - albeit in a more discreet sort of way.

Day 8: Sun

Today was a gloriously sunny day, but as I currently dream of skirts, tans, flip flops and outdoor cocktails, instead I shall post this picture of the sunset dinner James and I enjoyed while on our babymoon (ugh, a term I hate, but it is what it is) in Aruba last April. It was a shoeless sort of occasion, the view was gorgeous and the company wonderful.

Day 9: Front Door

Oh. You expected to see a picture of my front door - from the front? Not going to happen! Our front door is currently in desperate need of a paint job and is likely contributing to about 50 percent higher of an electric bill than necessary. Alas, redoing the entry way (it can't be as simple as just replacing the front door) is "to do" project #143 of 425.

I do love our iron cross-hatched screen door though. (And I'm pretty sure that's not the proper term.) I don't ever want to get rid of it. Also, because it was such a nice day, I actually kept the front door open for a short time this afternoon. (Further contributing to the increase in our electric bill.)

I came across the door below on Pinterest today, and absolutely love it. The color, the structure, the lantern above it, as well as the trim. (The plants are cute, but a bit dainty for a front entry, IMO.)

In addition to loving the colors of the exterior of the house below, how can you not love a front door that is covered by a striped awning?

More colors I love, as well as abundant plant life welcoming visitors (which I likely could never keep alive). I don't even mind that the door is glass and totally see-through.

But enough [door] dreaming. For now I'd settle for more open-door (and outdoor walk-appropriate) days like today.

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