Thursday, April 26, 2012

Appreciating the Moment

Due to a couple much needed days of rest, as well as James being away for work earlier this week, I got in my first run of the week yesterday afternoon. Though it helped that I had some company, it was rough. The weather was gray and gross, and I felt gray and gross due to not having exercised in a few days. At the end, I felt thankful that it was over.

But this morning I woke up feeling renewed. James arrived home late last night, the sun is shining (at least for the moment), and we have a fun day ahead of us (complete with a hair appointment, which we all know make the best days). As soon as James left for work, I grabbed Sammy, tossed him in the stroller, and decided to do the exact same route as yesterday, determined to make today's run a better one.

As we ran through the center of town, I passed our local overpriced workout gear store (and yet I want every single item they sell), and on the store window was the quote, "Appreciate the moment."

For one reason or another, I'm not a big quotes person. I can probably count on one hand the number of quotes that have truly resonated with me and caused me to take pause. But for some reason, today, those words hit home.

I finished the remainder of my run feeling truly grateful for so many things - my happy, healthy baby boy; my husband, for being home; James again, for giving me the opportunity to stay home with Sammy, thus allowing me to go for runs with him at 9 a.m.; the area we live in; the gorgeously brisk sunny weather - I could go on and on.

Though there might not be anything about today that is out of the ordinary, or that will strike up a memory years from now, I feel satisfied that at the very least, I will have a number of moments today that I'll truly appreciate. And those are what make the best days.


  1. you could serioiusly write a book...

  2. It is difficult sometimes to appreciate every moment but so, so important!!!

  3. These are some of the best/happiest days of your life, believe me!