Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend / Sunday Recap

Is it me, or is it insane that today marks the last day of April?

We had quite the busy - but fun-filled - weekend, complete with a road trip to New Jersey, our nephew's First Communion, a solid run, and a trip to the farm.

But first, I should mention that someone received his very first haircut on Friday. Notice the trimmed sides and lack of a baby mullet?

Our trip to New Jersey was super short, as we drove down Friday night and drove back Saturday evening. I wish I had remembered to pull out my camera as Sammy had a great time playing with his cousins! Above is a shot I snapped on the way to his cousin Christopher's First Communion. (Side note: Those loafers came straight from Italy, thanks to his Queenie and Grampy!)

Sunday morning I ventured out for my first solo run - sans running partners or jogging stroller - since January! It was a gorgeous morning, and about a mile in, I decided to set two goals for my run - 1) I would run each mile in under 8 minutes, and 2) I would achieve at least one "negative split." (Meaning that at some point, I would run at least one mile faster than the previous mile.) As it was such a pretty morning, I also decided to snap a few photos along my route. Come join me!

I love running through this particular neighborhood as it loops around a gorgeous pond. Each house in the neighborhood has a house number that bears the above boat emblem.

Every time I pass this particular house, I dream of going back to it after my run and enjoying breakfast (and mimosas) on their patio, which overlooks the lake. It's a bit hard to see in my stalker-esque photo above.

My last sight of the pond.

I grew up just a couple towns over from my current town, and the high schools were in the same athletic division. Here is where I scored the one goal of my varsity soccer career.

But I'm pretty sure I dominated these tennis courts.

I love running by this one particular golf course. The last time I played it was the summer before I found out I was pregnant with Sammy. James and I played it on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I had the round of my life.

Here's another view of what I believe to be the 18th fairway. Best enjoyed while sipping a Blue Moon from the clubhouse patio.

Above is one of my favorite houses in town. There is usually a pineapple above the doorway. I wish I got a better shot, but it's hard to sneak pictures while attempting to maintain a certain pace.

At this point I'm approaching the center of town. No New England town is complete without a white steepled church.

Again, not great shots, but I was focusing on maintaining my pace at this point. Also, people were starting to mill about, and I felt silly for holding my camera phone up while huffing and puffing.

At this point, I thought I was approaching the tree that James and I always claim to be the most magnificent tree in town.

Um, turns out I was wrong. It was this tree, which followed. Not exactly looking so magnificent at this time of year. You'll have to just trust me on this one.

Here's another house I love. They just built that little glass atrium on the right side of the house.

My street is finally in sight! I'm feeling strong at this point, but looking forward to my run being over.

The right entrance to my street is lined with four or five dogwoods.

James and I have two favorite houses on our street and this is one of them. There is a tennis court, hidden, on the left side of the house. If I owned this house, I'd host a Sabrina / Inventing the Abbotts-esque white jacket gala on the tennis court every weekend throughout the summer.

This is our other favorite house. I love that it looks a bit farmstyle-esque and yet modern, and the owners do a terrific job with their landscaping. This past year, they gave me a Halloween costume for Sammy, which once belonged to their son. I take that to mean, when we move, you'll be the only ones to know. We'll also sell you our house at next to nothing just because we like you.

Upon arriving home, I made us homemade buttermilk pancakes. They were delicious and much deserved. I achieved both running goals and felt fantastic. (Minus being a few seconds off during my second mile, but I was taking pictures, so am giving myself a bit of leeway.)

After our big breakfast, we grabbed my sister Em and her boyfriend Dennis, and went to a nearby farm where we were allowed to pet and feed the farm animals.

My sister, the animal whisperer, was the only one of us to go up to each and every animal without fear.

We couldn't get over how huge the pigs were! And true to form, they basically sat in slop the entire time.

Sammy and I both loved the chickens. I was obsessed with the coloring on the one above.

The goat was perhaps the only animal Dennis attempted to feed, ha. Country boys, our guys are not.

Check out the little baby goats! They were born earlier this month and were adorable.

Oblivious to the fact that my son was about to be mistaken for a carrot.

Who needs to look at farm animals when there are leaves around?

We ended our busy day by hanging up Sammy's new swing in our front yard. There's just something so cheerful about a baby swing hanging from a tree....


  1. he's so stinkin cute in his swing! wish i could have been there as I may have been the only one NOT afraid to feed the animals (wimps...) :)

  2. of course you wouldn't be afraid, Kate---but you are only used to the 'dead' animal farm!!!

    Great pictures--he loves his swing and queenie loves the loafers!

  3. What a gorgeous running route! Perhaps I would be more motivated to run if I had such pretty scenery nearby :)