Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TWD: Hungarian Shortbread

I wanted to dislike this recipe.

First, it resulted in an extra trip to the grocery store as my regular store no longer carried rhubarb. (And how unappetizing does this rhubarb look?)

(The one positive thing that resulted in my trip to the second grocery store was the discovery that my favorite beer from the local Hooker Brewery, as seen above, is back in rotation.)

Second, I was not convinced that this would be enough rhubarb jam. (And who eats rhubarb jam anyway?)

Third, it contained not one, not two, but four sticks of butter, which can't be good for anyone

And finally, not only did I feel like the 40 minutes was too short a cooking time (for my oven, anyway), I slightly burnt the bottom of the bars. (Though I blame this on my old pan.)

But then, I took a bite. And less than a minute later, ate a second bar. After dinner, I ate a third and fourth. (In my defense, I cut the shortbread up into rather small pieces.) And James soon followed suit. A quarter of a pound of butter later, I threw up my hands and admitted defeat. These were delicious.


  1. I like the picture of your upside-down grater! I also loved this

  2. I handle the tasting the same way....threw my hands and ate another! Looks great.

  3. Glad you survived this episode :-)
    Thanks for baking along this week.