Saturday, May 5, 2012

Providence, You Better Be Worth It

I'm in the midst of packing for a night away, as Sammy and I will join Queenie and Grampy at their beach house this evening, and thought I'd fit in a quick post.

Tomorrow I'll run the Providence Half Marathon, which is my first half marathon race in, oh, over six years. I'm both nervous and excited. I've really stepped up my training this time around, and even though I'm using this as a warm-up for another half I'm running next month, I'm still hoping to grab a new PR (personal record).

However, today is also a bit bittersweet as I am missing all the fun (read: cocktails) that goes along with celebrating one of my favorite days of the year - Derby Day!

If you are out there celebrating, please enjoy a mint julep (or three) for me!

(We won't even get into the fact that I'm also missing out on Cinco de Mayo....)


  1. I'm sure it'll be worth it!! Have fun!!!

  2. Hope you did great today!! I'm sure you did!! xo