Monday, November 12, 2012

Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

Almost 15-week bump and my very independent and self-sufficient toddler.

Did anyone else gag at the title of this post? Bumpdate? I know, I know. Alas, I've vowed to track my pregnancy a bit here on the ol' blog, so occasionally we must get a bit cutesy tootsy.

So as of this week, we're at the 15 week mark, meaning Baby is either the size of an apple or avocado, based on various pregnancy websites. Is it me, or does each fruit seem rather large? And ironically, after eating an avocado almost every day throughout the beginning of my first trimester, I can no longer look at my beloved fruit without grimacing just a bit. In time, guacamole - I will come back to you.

Awkward self portrait (I am so not good at these things) with legs placed far enough apart to give you the impression that my thighs don't rub against each other.

Same shirt, different day (likely the next day, as I never take this top off), different angle, poor attempt at cropping out unmade guest bed.

Total weight gained / loss: I have no idea, but think I've gained between 5-7 lbs. I'm getting the slight urge to replace those batteries in my scale though, so I might have a more accurate update next week.

Maternity clothes: Due to my second trimester renewed energy and thus renewed obsession with working out (post on my new workout regiment to come), I've lived in yoga pants / running pants / sweat pants / leggings. (I seriously feel bad for women who experienced pregnancy in between the years when leggings were no longer cool.) I haven't even tried to put on a pair of real pants in weeks. I have, however, actually worn maternity pants two or three times in the past couple weeks, just because I have this one pair of maternity jeans that I looooove. Plus, I recently bought a couple new pairs of maternity colored cords from Gap when I had a 30 percent off coupon code. Gap maternity pants were pretty much a staple throughout my first pregnancy, if only because they come carry ankle-length for us short people.

At least once of us is able to sneak in a nap.
Sleep: No exaggeration, I've yet to sleep through a full night since a few weeks before becoming pregnant. I wake up multiple times and always have at least one one- to two-hour stint where I lay awake before falling back asleep. (If I fall back asleep.) It sucks, but I'm used to it now, and figure if I keep this up, those night-time feedings will be NBD. It probably doesn't help that I fall asleep between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 almost every night. (Thank you, Daylight Savings Time, for getting me back into that habit.)

Best moment of the week: As I've copied these questions from other mommy blogs I read, it appears I should answer this in a manner that involves the new baby. But, um, he / she hasn't done much yet? So I'll go back to week 14, when I had my monthly check-up and just say that it was hearing a healthy strong heartbeat the second the doctor placed the machine thingy (it's 6:53 in the morning - forgive me for not remembering the name of it) on my stomach. I remember it sometimes taking awhile to find the heartbeat when I was pregnant with Sammy, and this was not the case on this particular day!

Movement: I haven't felt any actual flutters yet, but I know it will be soon! Yesterday I swore I could feel Baby on one side of my stomach though.

Food cravings: I never had any real cravings when I was pregnant with Sammy, other than a strong desire for anything citrusy or fruity. This time around, throughout my first trimester I craved cheese, candy, salt - anything and everything that wasn't good for me. The cravings have decreased a bit, though yesterday I swear we were parked next to a hot dog truck at one point (though anyone who knows me knows that my love of hot dogs goes far beyond pregnancy), so I wanted one of those - bad. That's about it - I'm not one of those pregnant chicks who craves weird combinations or pickles.

Food aversions: Red meat, the broccoli bites we regularly feed Sammy - neither of these are anything out of the ordinary though.

Morning sickness: Nada. I gagged more than a few times throughout my first trimester, but mostly when aforementioned broccoli bites were being served, or when being too close to James before he brushed his teeth.

Gender: We find out on December 3! Which isn't too far away! I'm convinced it's another boy.

Labor signs: Um, no, thankfully!

Belly button: Ah, I love these questionnaires. Does anyone really care about this?? For the record, it's still an innie, and due to my lack of ever having abs, will always be. Though it does feel a tad different lately.

What I miss: Believe it or not, I really do not miss drinking. Even when pregnant with Sammy, the thought of red wine was just not very pleasant. And this time around, I haven't really given up much. I still drink coffee, I'll have deli meat if the mood strikes me (I do heat it up though), same goes with hot dogs and cured meat. If anything, I miss being able to stay awake more than one hour past Sammy's bedtime, I miss sleeping through the night, and I miss being able to run for more than an hour. (And that's only because I'm slowly falling out of running shape.)

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if Baby is a boy or girl! And then ... decorating Baby's room and Sammy's big boy room!

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