Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pregnancy, Round Deux

Here in the Northeast, we are waking up to several inches of snow. I have to admit, I love it! It has me totally excited for the forthcoming holiday season - especially as it's the last one our little household will get to celebrate as a family of three.

Today, I'm excited to finally come out on my blog and announce that Sammy is going to be a big brother!

I didn't have this blog back when I was pregnant with Sammy, and there is very little photographic evidence that I was actually even pregnant, so I'm excited to do a bit of documenting throughout this pregnancy. (Um, no weekly belly shots though. You'll thank me later.)

I am officially in the second trimester at 14 (almost 15) weeks, and have had a number of doctor appointments to verify that at the very least, baby #2 is growing and has a nice strong heartbeat!

First Trimester
Overall, I had a relatively easy first trimester, very similar to my pregnancy with Sammy. I was a bit nauseous for a few weeks, but never actually got physically sick. I was exhausted, particularly around 1 p.m. each day and in the evenings, though it was hard to tell whether that was pregnancy-related or active toddler-related. And thank goodness for lengthy naps, as I've come to be perfectly okay with having a semi-messy house if it means that I can sneak in an hour or so of relaxation every afternoon.

The biggest difference this time around - from what I can remember - is my eating habits. It pains me to look back and see how unhealthy I was throughout the first trimester. Granted, I wasn't making multiple mid-day trips to Taco Bell or McDonald's, but my diet basically consisted of anything and everything white, beige, and artificially-colored yellow. Vegetables? Vomit. Fruit? Yuck. Protein? Pass me the carbs.

No, that belly in this previously posted photo is not just an overabundance of Halloween candy. At least I hope not.

Another big difference? I developed a bit of a belly basically the second I passed the pregnancy test. (Likely due to aforementioned eating habits.) I attribute this to the fact that I had no abs to speak of prior to my pregnancy with Sammy, and even less after he was born. The good news is that somehow, I'm still fitting into all my regular pants. (Or at least I fool myself into thinking so by wearing elasticized waistband workout pants each and every day.) I've yet to replace the batteries in my scale and thus haven't weighed myself much this pregnancy, other than on visits to the doctor. At this point, I've gained almost five pounds. I have no idea how that matches up to my first time around, but hope that number stays for awhile.

And speaking of unhealthy habits (I might as well just get it all out there), for the first three months, I was awful about drinking water. I'm sorry, but I just hate regular water. I've gotten a lot better about it the past few weeks though, as I could tell it was definitely affecting me in an ... eh hem ... rather negative way.

Also, last time around, I quit coffee cold turkey. This time? I gave it up for one day. One day. I'm sorry, but with a toddler, I just can't quit this time around. I need my one cup of coffee every day. I wake up every day for that one cup of coffee. My doctor said it's totally fine - as it is only one cup - and I don't feel guilty about it in the least.

Whereas I didn't have too many physical aches and pains in the first trimester, I felt like a bit of a basket case in my head. First of all, my anxiety was much higher this time around. When pregnant with Sammy, I was far too excited about the prospect of a baby to worry about ... well, what would happen if said baby didn't come. I've since met many women who have had miscarriages, as well as had some close friends go through it themselves. In some of my darker moments, I also often thought (and still think), I had such an easy pregnancy with Sammy - something bad is bound to happen to me. I know that at this point I'm still not totally out of the dark, but this time around, each monthly doctor appointment leads to a larger and larger weight taken off my shoulders.

I also felt much moodier in general this time around. Poor James had to deal with the brunt of my crankiness, and I think we both let out huge sighs of relief as my first trimester ended. Around week 12, something actually clicked in my head, and I woke up thinking, I feel like a new person! I feel normal again!

However, I'm already feeling a little sad about Sammy no longer being the only child. I think that's an okay way to feel though, as it makes me really stop and appreciate him that much more each and every day. I know that giving him a brother or sister is the best gift we can ever give him, and on days when I need a chisel to pry those little toddler hands away from my legs, I am certain that it's a good thing that he'll have someone with which to share the spotlight.

Anyway, emotional instability and first trimester ickiness aside, I am back to feeling great, and we are so, so excited to welcome a new little baby. (And we'll find out whether it's going to be a boy or girl in less than one month!)


  1. There's nothing more exciting than a new baby in the house!

  2. yayyy!!! Auntie Kate is excited too!!!