Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Working Out While Pregnant: Week 20

This crazy beast (above) and I actually got along this week.
This past week wasn't quite a workout week for the record books, but it wasn't totally awful either.

Bike, swim, and rest
I continue to love my Spinervals DVD, and actually worked up a little sweat during my indoor bike ride on Monday! (I don't want to push things too hard, so I haven't sweat in quite awhile.)

Tuesday, my body felt tired, so I listened to it and took a guilt-free rest day. And let me tell you, it was so nice to not have my usual Tuesday night swim to look forward to! It really hit me that day how much I despise working out in the evenings.

So what did I do instead? Lined up outside my pool's door for when it opened at 6 the next morning! That morning I was convinced that swimming in the morning is just pure insanity. I love to run in the morning, but rolling out of bed and throwing on running clothes is one thing. Getting out of bed, shoving oneself into a swimsuit, and driving to the pool? That's a whole other monster. And yet, dare I say, I had my best swim yet! I felt fresh, I actually didn't tire, and seemed to finally have a nice gliding stroke, which made navigating hundred yard upon hundred yard relatively manageable. The only problem occurred after my swim, when I was expected to actually care for my child and not fall back into bed in an exhausted heap. I was tired that day. And I mean tired.

Thursday my state of exhaustion continued, and as my stomach was feeling a bit weird overall, I made the executive decision to take another rest day. At that point, I came close to calling it quits for the entire rest of the week. However, on Friday, my pretty bike just kept staring at me, so I jumped on for a few minutes and was glad I did.

Saturday morning - not quite as early as on Tuesday - I was back at the pool and had another really decent swim. I didn't feel quite as fresh as I did on Wednesday, and was feeling rather dehydrated, but I attributed that to having a late evening the night before and perhaps not drinking as much water as I should have during dinner.

And Sunday, between driving back from Rhode Island, a rather sleepless night the evening before, and a holiday party to attend at night, it would have been so easy to take yet another rest day, but again, my bike stared at me....  It definitely helps that she is parked in my living room, right in plain sight! And, I just flat out love riding it lately.

You'll notice that no running occurred this week. With my need for rest, my workout schedule was all off track (no pun intended), and I didn't get to meet up with my running partner this week. (Which I really missed!) Nor did I have much of a desire to run on my own. I really hope this isn't the end of my running streak!

New swim goal
This coming week, my goals are to again bike three times throughout the week, and to continue to swim in the morning. After topping my swim yardage off at 1500 yards the past two weeks, I'm going to attempt to move on to week five of my 0-1650 swim plan and get to 1600 yards. The addition of 100 yards is not daunting - it's the fact that I now have to bump up my major portion of the workout to a whopping 1000 yards. (Previously, my longest swim without stopping was 600 yards.) I have no idea how I'm going to be able to do this.

This week's totals:

  • Monday: Biked 45 minutes to Spinervals DVD
  • Tuesday: Rest day
  • Wednesday: Swam 1500 yards (300, 600, 4x100, 4x50)
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: Biked 20 minutes, then took a brisk walk around my block
  • Saturday: Swam 1500 yards (same workout as above)
  • Sunday: Biked 30 minutes

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