Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bumpdate: Week 20

On non-pregnant people, red pants = festive and fun. On pregnant folk, red pants = Santa. 

Last week was not the greatest week for a number of reasons. I don't know what my deal was, but both physically and emotionally, I just felt like a total train wreck the majority of the week. In my last Bumpdate, I promised to stop complaining, and yet after that, I wanted to complain more than ever! (And apologies to my poor friend K, as she was forced to bear the brunt of this.) I felt insanely huge, I was exhausted, I had what I think was my first bouts of heartburn, and I was just over being pregnant.

And then on Friday morning, just like that - I was over it. (It's a pregnant woman's prerogative to go through major mood swings, right?) And the timing was rather appropriate, as the Sandy Hook tragedy further put things into perspective later on that day.

This week, I'm feeling a million times better. I don't feel quite as large, I'm very much looking forward to the holidays, and an overwhelming feeling of luckiness and love for Sammy and our forthcoming baby girl are the only things taking up my mind space right now.

With that said, we're at the halfway point! An end doesn't feel quite in sight just yet, but still. So what happens after the 20th week? Baby girl weighs about 10 1/2 ounces, measures 10 inches long, and is about the size of a banana.

Total weight gained: I think 10 is supposed to be the magical number at this point, but I'm at 12 (and maybe a few ounces). Can I blame this extra poundage on the two mounds of ... something ... occupying my chest area?

Belly: In the midst of feeling sorry for myself last week, I ran into one of my friends from our playgroup while shopping, and I believe her exact words were, "Holy cow - I just saw you late last week - and your stomach is even bigger now!" So... yeah. I can officially no longer see my toes and via today's outfit, the bottom of it is hanging out from under my shirt. Thank goodness the only one that has that viewpoint is a toddler who could care less. (And thank goodness I am approaching this week with a new attitude!) I also notice that my stomach has gotten much more firm this past week.

Maternity clothes: It's a holiday miracle, as I actually found a maternity top that I really enjoy, and plan to buy more of after the holidays - the Gap pure body tee. (Mine is a pretty pink, which I can't find online.) Super soft and fitting, it's nice to wear a shirt that doesn't make me look bigger than I am, which is the problem I have with most maternity tops.

Sleep: It was another rough week for sleep as Sammy had a fever early on in the week, and then ate what we think were some bad olives over the weekend, resulting in his first throwing up experience, which occurred between midnight and 2:30 a.m. However, being that I usually am awake for about two hours in the middle of the night each night, somehow it didn't seem that bad!

The birthday hat turned out to be a non-negotiable with Sammy.
Best moment of the week: Definitely celebrating the birthdays of my dad and friend, Danielle. On both nights this past weekend, I actually stayed awake until 11 p.m. (or almost 11), and after Friday's events, and a generally crappy week, it was so nice to be surrounded by family and friends.

Movement: I finally felt it!! This was another particularly great moment that occurred late Thursday night. All day I had been feeling awful. I actually got sick after my breakfast that morning, just wanted to lay down the entire day, had weird heartburn-like symptoms, and wasn't feeling crampy, but had some odd stretching pains in my stomach. That night I laid in bed, worried about how Baby was faring in my stomach, and then - as if to signal that she was okay - I felt a definite flutter! The next day, I felt a few nudges, and over the weekend, a few more.

Food cravings / aversions: I am still dealing with a major sweet tooth. Must - stop - eating - candy! And after Sammy's little throw-up incident Saturday night, I may never eat olives again.

First [clothing] purchase for Baby Girl! I couldn't resist pink stripes and owls on these Target onesies.

Gender: Girl! And it definitely appears to be the year of the girl (or rather, 2013 looks to be the year of the girl), as another friend who is due around the same time as me found out that she, too, is having a girl. Almost every pregnant person I know (who is due in 2013) is having a girl!

Weird symptoms: As previously mentioned, I had lots of weird stretching pains this past week. And I've never really had heartburn, so I'm not sure if I had it this week or not, but Tums did seem to ease some discomfort I was feeling. Also, I blame my hormonal insanity on the fact that I'm having a girl. Poor James is going to be in for a real treat once he's dealing with two women in the house.

What is different this time around: I actually loved being pregnant - the first time around. And we'll just leave it at that.

What I miss: Eh, not missing too much this week. Other than feeling of a normal mindset.

What I'm looking forward to: This last week of pre-Christmas prep, seeing friends and family I haven't seen in awhile, celebrating Christmas morning with my own little family, and then celebrating with the remainder of my family later on that day.

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