Monday, January 14, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 24

No picture this week, but hopefully these cute little eggplants will be suffice

Ah, week 24. Week 24 marks the week of the eggplant, as well as only having 16 weeks left of being pregnant. (I should probably edit that to read in a more positive nature. Um, 16 weeks left until I can meet Baby Girl?) It also marks the week major nesting hit, as did a slight panic that ohmyGodIonlyhave16weekslefttogetthingsDONE.

Ina's salted caramel brownies, which were TDF, obvi.

This past week, I officially got into cooking mode, as apparently I am under the impression that I must cook for my family now, as once Baby Girl arrives, they will no longer eat a well-balanced / Barefoot Contessa-inspired high carb, high butter, high heavy cream-laden meal. I managed to cook three full meals for my family (with plenty of leftovers), have all three of us (including Auntie Em) at the table for an actual "family" meal before Sammy went to bed on at least one night, and then cook / bake a meal and other goodies for one of my favorite new mom friends. This, my friends, might be a record.

I also made a bit of progress on Sammy's "big boy" room, in that I threw up three paint samples on the wall, meaning that James is now forced to repaint the entire room - if only to cover up my samples. And I ordered a rug for said room.

I purchased a brand new notebook, which is beginning to be filled up with "to do" lists galore of all things that need to be accomplished before Baby Girl is born.

After dripping beads of sweat on the "things to purchase in prep for Baby Girl" list, I made a small dent by ordering socks for Baby. Yes, socks. Alert the pregnancy gods, as I'm now ready to have this child - if only because she will not have to wear her big brother's non-pastel boy socks.

Poor Sammy now has a schedule equivalent to a high school Harvard hopeful, as I spent a few minutes this week signing us up for AP class upon AP class toddler activity upon toddler activity. For the next three months, our days are filled with music class, Water Babies, a library class, play groups and play dates galore. Blame it on a desire to fill up these blah winter months, or just guilt over having only a few precious months left to spend with my one and only, but we will be busy these coming weeks.

And finally, to add the cherry to my nesting sundae, I got in plenty of nagging to James about finishing up some projects around the house and applying better organizational tactics to various parts of our home. Granted, nothing was accomplished after that, but at least I felt better.

Do not - I repeat, do not - get in the way of a 24-week pregnant lady. (Especially one who has a baby that is over a pound and a half and a length of about nine inches - growing inside of her.) (Had to get this week's measurements in there.)

Total weight gained: In my quest to nest, I also managed to avoid the scale this week. Quite an accomplishment!

Belly: To ease the discomfort of friends searching for something nice to say when they see me, I've resorted to saying, "My stomach is as big as the day I gave birth to Sammy". Must find something new to say as this line is getting old. But, it's also the truth.

Sleep: I continue to wake up around 2 or 3 a.m., lay awake for two hours, and then fall back asleep (sometimes). I think I actually slept through one night at my parents' beach house last weekend, as they have the most comfortable bed in the world, but that hasn't happened again since. On a positive note, Baby seems to wake up and give me a few kicks during this time, and I feel somewhat at ease knowing that I should be more than prepared for those 3 a.m. feedings.

Best moment of the week: Over the weekend, I got to visit two of my favorite friends and their respective babies, including two-week-old Hannah! She is already the sweetest and cutest little girl, and I can't wait to one day load her up with stories about all the mischief her mom and I would get into back in our school days.

Movement: Much like her big brother, this kid loves to kick! And her legs are clearly getting stronger and stronger every day.

Food cravings / aversions: Please refer to this post. I have since made (and almost finished consuming) an entire second batch of Ina's herbed ricotta. Perhaps to balance things out, at one point this week I finally craved something healthy - fruit. But not just any fruit. Overpriced pre-sliced fruit of the Whole Foods variety. Luckily we just happened to get a pizza from WF one night, and thus my craving was fulfilled as I got the fruit for dessert.

Weird symptoms: I should probably delete the "weird" part of this category as my symptoms aren't all that weird. Regardless, I am now sporting "baby bangs," which I definitely had with Sammy. (Though after he was born, I think.) My prenatal pills appear to be working well as my hair is most definitely not falling out, and instead is growing by the day. Including these stupid little wisps along my forehead, which are impossible to tame without gobs of gel.

Workout: This category still doesn't warrant a separate post, but I at least moved this week. I began Baby Boot Camp, and pretty much wanted to die after the first day. These legs haven't seen the likes of so many squats and lunges in a very long time. I went to that class twice last week and got in a measly 30-minute bike ride, and that was all my poor body could handle. I'm hoping that the worst is over, and I can finally will myself back to multiple bike rides and a visit to the pool this week. I'm sad to report that my running days are most likely over, if only because the only time I have to run is in the morning before James goes to work, and I can't seem to drag myself out of bed at an early hour, only to be met by frigid temperatures and darkness. And God forbid I jump on a treadmill.

What I miss: I caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror the other day, and as half of it was covered by a piece of furniture that was in the way, it actually looked like my old non-pregnant body. Granted it wasn't in the best shape ever, but I sort of miss that body. Sigh.

What I'm looking forward to: Right now I'm having a moment with my Sammy-kins, and feel like things can't get much better than the stage he's at at this time in his life. I'm hoping to do a "Sammy is 18 months" post later this week, at which point I'll elaborate, but seriously - best age ever. So as excited as I am for Baby Girl's arrival, and as excited I am to no longer be pregnant, for the time being, I'm just looking forward to enjoying and savoring these last few months with my only child.


  1. He's getting ready for Mardi Gras...

  2. It took me a minute to realize who that adorable baby was...must remember to look at that picture when she is 17 and causing me ulcers.

  3. I remember waking up at the same time to M kicking me while pregnant with her...and alas, that was her feeding time for months! If it makes you feel any better, I already look over 20 weeks pregnant at 16 weeks - and people aren't shy to say so. And finally, I hate you for introducing me to herbed ricotta.