Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Update and Bumpdate: Week 25

Narcissistic Mommy taking photos of herself (again) while Son and Teddy resort to drastic measures to get her attention.

Weekend Update
Well, it's Tuesday. The start to another week. I'm not sure how to feel about this. By the end of last week, I was literally waving the white flag like a madwoman, eyes glued to the window in anticipation for James to get home from work. It turned out to be a super busy week that included a couple evening meetings and late work nights for James. Couple that with a very active / needy toddler and pregnancy, and I was DONE by, well... Friday morning. 

(Evidence of the post-playgroup melee that occurred in our home on Thursday afternoon, which about pushed me over the edge. You try cleaning all this up on your hands and knees with a stomach that drags on the ground. After enduring an hour and a half of crazy toddlers screaming at the top of their lungs - led by none other than future soprano tessitura, Sammy.)

Note to others: Non-alcoholic beer does not relieve stress.

Anyway, the holiday weekend (a three-day one for James!) more than made up for a crazy week, as it was the first truly relaxing weekend we've had as a family in awhile. We spent the majority of Saturday down in New Haven, where we had lunch at Shake Shack (my first trip to one!) and foraged our way through Ikea, somehow making it out with our sanity still in tact.

After the past week, I had officially reached my limit on the disarray of toys that had taken over our living room. With that said, the Expedit shelving system came to the rescue. I kind of sort of hate Ikea furniture, but for this purpose, it served our needs perfectly. I'll take a photo of the end product in another week or so, once the room is more put together. 

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of Sammy's big boy room color scheme. I have been looking for the perfect duvet cover for him for weeks now, and couldn't be happier with this $30 one I stumbled upon that day!

Sunday we brought brunch ingredients to a friend's house, only to leave with a bit more than some eggs and bagels....  

Ah, just when I was feeling good about an organized and yet still-somewhat-adult-looking living room, this bad boy came into our lives! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already looking forward to the day we are done with it, but for now, it's made for one very happy little boy. And that makes me happy.

Finally, yesterday we spent much of the day between the train table and the couch. Sammy got to enjoy his first inauguration (he didn't care much for Michelle's look, but loved Sasha and Malia's coats!), and James and I got to enjoy a day that didn't involve too many trips out into the frigid cold. With that said, I think we are officially decompressed and ready to begin another week.

The Bumpdate
So on to the bump. As I enter week 26, I can't help but begin to count down the days to the third trimester, which is still about three weeks away. I was just thinking to myself that with Sammy, those last three months flew by, but believe that this could also be one of those things that I selectively forgot, so as to make pregnancy seem not so scary.

Anyway, in general, I'm still feeling pretty good, though it's definitely getting harder for me to get around. At one point last week, I decided that I could no longer pick up one more thing off the ground that day, and left it all for James to take care of when he got home from work. (And believe it or not, this was days before our play group melee.)

This week I take my glucose test, which I pray I pass, as I'm not sure I could give up, well ... anything at this point. Also, for the record, I'm pretty sure that I'm the one person on Earth that truly doesn't mind having to slog back that sugary sweet orange drink for the test.

As for Baby Girl, this week she is the size of an eggplant (wasn't she that size last week as well?), and is about 9.2 inches in length, and weighs about 2 pounds. Her eyes are beginning to open (though I swear I saw them open during my last ultrasound), and not only can she now see, but her newly developed brain waves now allow her to respond to noises. (And her hearty kicks lead me to believe that she hears Sammy high-pitched shrieks loud and clear.)

Before I get into the nitty gritty stats, I have to link to this blog entry, written by a fellow town resident / mom blogger. I don't actually know this girl, but her weekly posts make me laugh and laugh. Number 10 on this week's list particularly resonates. (Though again, I am that one person that doesn't mind the diabetes test drink.)

Total weight gained: Um, I still haven't ventured onto my scale. And as it's several yards from where I currently sit, that's not happening now, even for the sake of this blog.

Belly: It's huge and I am now on constant stretch mark-watch. (So far so good, but I'm not too hopeful....) My belly button is near flat. It really is amazing(ly scary) how much the skin can stretch out. Also, maternity shirts with those stupid cinching strings under the bust are the devil. I own one from my first pregnancy, and have decided to burn it.

Sleep: For once, I don't have much to complain about in this category! I still had a few odd nights of sleep this week, but I think the daily exhaustion finally got the best of me, resulting in non-stop sleep through a few other nights. Now if only this didn't result to an 8 p.m. couch pass out on a Friday night....

Best moment of the week: The entire weekend was the best moment of the week. Lately I feel very content just watching Sammy play with others. At least once a day I think, this kid used to just lay there like a (very cute) sack of potatoes! And now he drives trains, makes choo choo noises, and stacks blocks!

Movement: Please refer to aforementioned comment about hearty kicks. Mind you, these kicks don't hurt, but they do cause me to pause for a minute!

Food cravings / aversions: Rather than crave a particular kind of food lately, I have this major need to cook and bake every other minute. This past week brought lots of comfort food, including roast turkey breast, tomato gratin, potato and leek soup, baked tortellini with radicchio and peas, buttermilk pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, baked eggs, and yet another batch of salted caramel brownies. With that said, for the first time ever, I have used up every last ounce of heavy cream and buttermilk that has occupied my fridge as of late.

Weird symptoms: I'm definitely starting to notice a numbness in my hands and legs in the morning. Also, I fear the feeling of I need a fork lift to get me out of bed is nearing. I don't believe I felt this way until my last month of pregnancy with Sammy, so it's awesome that I'm feeling it so soon with this pregnancy.

Workout: Blah. I tend to go through phases with a one-track mind, and while during my first trimester, I was going through a big workout phase, lately, my need to workout has been replaced by a need to nest. I miss my workout phase and really hope to get back into that soon.

With that said, even with all the extra time I had this weekend, I still haven't made it back to the pool (other than to participate in Sammy's Water Babies class). I went to Baby Boot Camp twice (which is turning out to be a great workout) and rode my bike once early last week, and again last night. I loved my bike ride last night and pray that it motivates me to get on a few more times this week.

What I miss: It's not pregnancy-related, but I miss warm weather. The average for this week is supposed to be around 20 degrees. At one point this past week, Sammy was running around outside - sans hat and gloves - for a solid half hour, and it was fantastic. I am already envisioning myself getting a lot of use out of my Ergo with Baby Girl, as we chase after Big Brother this spring / summer.

What I'm looking forward to: As much as I complain / whine about this pregnancy, I'm still just looking forward to enjoying the next few months with Sammy as the only child. Time really seems to be flying by (though some Fridays it doesn't necessarily feel this way), and I'm not sure I'm ready for May to come just quite yet.


  1. Two things:

    I was unaware there was a Shake Shack in CT - I need to go! (and why on EARTH would you choose IKEA on a Saturday after such a chaotic week!?)

    Can you send me the potato and leek soup recipe?

    Technically that was three things. Whatev.

  2. 1. I also love the orange glucose test drink. I think I even asked for more. It must be genetic.
    2. You WILL use your Ergo non-stop. The baby will nap in it, eat in it, cry in it, live in it. That is the life of # 2.
    3. You look great.
    4. I hate to break it to you, but once the baby becomes mobile, you will be cleaning up messes like that on a daily basis. Or, maybe you'll just leave them because you know it will happen again the next day, possibly worse.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!!
    Number one - I still can't believe you like that drink...
    Number two - When I first started blogging I wrote an entire post about how to quit your playgroup...you think it's bad now??? Wait till the baby comes....you will want to gouge out your eyeballs....

  4. Looking good, lady! We recently inherited a train table, too. Fortunately, it fits in the basement, which we are currently transitioning into a playroom. Sammy's toys have outgrown our living room! Oh, what we sacrifice for our boys :)