Monday, January 16, 2012

Sammy is Six Months Old!

Sigh. I can hardly believe it. My little boy is six months old today. I recently read on another blog that being a stay-at-home mom makes for long days, but quick months / years. I couldn't agree more.

To restate my comments from every other month to this point, this was the best - month - ever. I keep wondering how drastically things actually change from month-to-month, but then once I start writing down everything that I've noticed about Sammy, the list just grows and grows. Where do I start?

Well first Sammy experienced two big events this past month - his first Christmas and his first sleepover. We had such a fun Christmas this year, and every family tradition just seemed more special than ever. On New Year's Eve, we packed Sammy up and he spent the night at Queenie and Grampy's. I'm told that he slept very well, though Queenie did not, in anticipation of him waking up in the middle of the night (which he did not).

With that said, Sammy's sleeping and nap habits are the exact same as in month five. He sleeps from 7 to 6, has a bottle, then goes back down for another hour or so. He is then on a play for two hours, nap, play for another two hours, nap again schedule. We had a few 6:30 bedtimes this month, due to a couple cranky days, and then one night where he cried for about two hours straight before going to bed, though that was due to a bit of an overwhelming visit from all of his cousins, coupled with a cold. We really can't complain.

We've continued our quest into the wild world of purees this month with the introduction of applesauce, spinach, mango peach sauce (with a pinch of nutmeg!), peas, oatmeal, and finally, rice cereal. Sammy loves to eat. (Probably not a big shocker to those that know his mom and dad.) He waves his arms and legs every time he sees me come at him with a spoon and bowl. I think the spinach and mango peach sauce are his big favorites, and much to his pea-loving mom's dismay, he does not appear to be a fan of the kelly green puree. We're only on day two of peas, but he downright refused to eat them after two spoonfuls (which barely stayed in his mouth).

This month, I'm excited to introduce him to yogurt (though I've already snuck him a few spoonfuls, which he happily slurped), chicken, some vegetables that I just haven't gotten to yet (green beans, carrots, etc.), and a few finger foods. I've also recently put him on an actual meal schedule. It's one thing to give this kid a bottle every few hours - now I have to regularly feed him actual food too? This parenting thing is hard work!

With all this food consumption, our boy continues to develop and get stronger every day. He can officially sit up on his own this month, and for lengthy periods of time! I have to say, the sitting on his own thing is a definite game changer. I'm able to place him in the middle of a bunch of toys, and he happily stays occupied. It also means that I was able to ditch the ridiculously heavy car seat when taking him to the grocery store with me. And as mentioned in an earlier post, Sammy's ability to sit up allowed him to enjoy his first swing ride this month!

Sammy finally figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy this month. Apparently most babies learn how to roll back-to-tummy first, but not my boy. His method involves first, sticking his thumb in his mouth. We absolute can not roll to the tummy without the thumb in the mouth. Then he sort of kicks one leg up in the air, and places one arm behind his back, and rolls back and forth on the arm. He sucks loudly on his thumb for a solid minute, and then eventually falls over - onto his arm. It is the most cringe-worthy and uncomfortable thing to watch ever.

Speaking of the thumb sucking, Sammy's officially a thumb sucker. We haven't seen a binkie in ages, and whenever he's tired, or just needs to take a break, the thumb immediately goes into his mouth. I know it's probably not a good thing, but he's so stinking cute with his pudgy little hand up to his mouth.

His motor skills are so much better this month. He's grabbing at things with both hands, moving things from hand-to-hand, and has started reaching for everything. Hair, glasses, toys, his bottle, our Keurig coffee machine (seriously).... Few things are safe.

Sammy's socks continue to be his favorite play things. But his new desire to reach for and touch things also has him loving his Freddie the Firefly and Skip Hop Hug and Hide Dog, as they have a variety of textures for him to touch / chew. He also received these blocks for Christmas and loves to pick them up and put them in his mouth. His teething carrot (which apparently is no longer available) also serves as a good toy when Mommy can no longer take Sophie's squeaking ways.

When Sammy is not sitting up and playing with his toys, he's usually on his belly doing 360s on his playmat, in an attempt to reach whatever toy is in the vicinity. He moves super quick and quite well, and everyone keeps saying that it's only a matter of time before he is crawling. I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet. (Insert sidelong glance at our bar cart with various bottles placed just inches from the floor.) I dread baby proofing.

Our entire household was sick for a couple weeks this past month, so Sammy got to experience his first cold. Let me tell you, cleaning a baby's running nose is not my idea of a good time. His little scratchy voice and sniffling nose were a bit heartbreaking, but overall, he barreled through quite well.

Sammy's smiles and laughs are more frequent than ever this month. He has no problem smiling at strangers, and ... though I hate to say it for fear of making others feel bad ... I'm pretty sure that Mommy elicits more smiles than anyone and everything. My boy has definitely become a bit of a momma's boy this month! (Though I'm not complaining!)

Month six has been a big one, and I'm sure month seven (seven?? We're at seven already?) will be just as - if not more - exciting!


  1. I can't believe it either---love the photos!

  2. Happy Half Year Munchie-Crunchie xoxo auntie em